Since a few months I am active in the regional board of the International Association of Business Communicators for Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Networking in a professional organisation (with paid membership) may sound old-fashioned when it is so easy to connect with like-minded professionals on Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook. However, there is a value in associating in order to reach some common goals – the advancement of the communication profession, definition of educational and professionals standards, and the will to share innovative thinking and creative breakthroughs.

IABC is one of the oldest professional associations in the communication domain, and it has an intrinsically international character. I am currently the Director for Members-at-large in the Europe, Middle East and North Africa region, trying to understand how to reach out better to members in countries as distant and diverse as Moldova, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Spain or Denmark – who cannot meet regularly and physically in a local chapter because of their regional location.